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How it Works

"Localized Mood-Based Painting Generation Web Application with Spotify User Data Aggregation and Processing"


By signing into Spotify through Mixage, we are able to collect some data analytics about your music listening habits. Mixage sorts through this data to find what is most important to us: "confidence measures like acousticness, liveness, speechiness and instrumentalness, perceptual measures like energy, loudness, danceability and valence (positiveness), and descriptors like duration, tempo, key, and mode"(Pavlik, K. 2019) and then aggregates your data and that of other users in your community to make a prediction on the perceived “mood” in that region based on trends in recent listening habits. Finally, the conglomerated findings of a community’s listening habits is fed into a machine learning algorithm which we created to generate a unique image for each user and community.


Allowing users to visually explore the shared sentiments and emotions of themselves and their community, Mixage serves to connect individuals in a way which stands for itself. The novelty of a unique image representing the mood of oneself and the community around them presents a new dimension in which we may be able to see, understand, and empathize with each other.

About the developers
Developers Cameron Burrows, Dustin Heuser, Justin Ho, and Riley Rodriguez created Mixage in 2022. At the time senior computer science students at the University of Florida’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering with an interest in web development, advanced machine learning techniques, and most importantly; music and how it connects us.